Saturday, July 20, 2019

Real News?

I write this as I read something that someone posts about how people of color can denounce or bad talk a group, and as soon as they need help, they come to them looking for such.
Well, this is a fact, it is also a fact to me that we (black people) do not have real news anymore. We have many that talk about the news; however, the stories they tell are giving to them to keep the order of the day going.
I am in Cuba and the tops news on my feed all last week was a story about a gator in a park. All the killing going on did not make a blimp as that has become normal. The headlines would be only 20 people were shot over a weekend, due to the work of CPD and the Mayor. I can tell you first hand that I have people on my page that work in the news media and I have sent each one of them the story about what is going on in Cook County probate and not one took the time to email, text or tell me the truth.
That is, no one cares about the life of little black boys. We have got to the point where we do not even talk about them anymore and the reason for this? Let be clear, most of you have a boss, you work for someone. I do not care what you do for that person; if they told you to walk with your head in a bag, you would do it as your love for dead president if wroth more than it is for the truth. 
Who wants to know about how a cook county judge said that she does not care if someone gets on the stand and lie, as she does not like the other party. Who cares if that same judge said that it would be better for a little black boy to grow up to be nothing as that is better for him. I can go on and on with what Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan said, and once more, this is not fake news, this is what she said as she uses her power to make this happen.
I talk about a judge whom nickname on the bench is “wild card,” and no one cares; why? Because the question that asks what is the life of a little black boy wroth? Well, for too many of you not much.
We destroy our black boys, and then we ask why? Do we need to ask why each weekend on average, over 40 people are shot in the city of Chicago; or do we investigate the person in the mirror?
What makes news fake? Well, it is the people that are telling the story. I have been fighting for black boys way before this case; I have been the one that has pushed to get more black boys into school. I am one that makes it clear; I am a black man before I am anything else. We have too many folks that are not fighting for anything but a paycheck; they do not care about facts as that does not pay the bills for them.
I am in a fight with a billion-dollar system, and that system CVLS is not about to just let some little negro boys upset the flow. They wanted to shut me down; they wanted to show me that at any time they could take my life from me. When David Gotzh told Judge Kennedy-Sullivan to lock me up for no reason, she did. Not because it was legal, no, it was because she could.
I beg my wife not to get me out; I told her that the only way I could fight this is if I was allowed to stay in cook county jail as someone was going to ask the question why in hell was I there. But nope my little man; said no mom lets get dad out of jail. He is young, and he thought that all the had to do was come and talk to the judge, and it would be ok. As I said he was young; however, he knows now that judges are not always there to help you; and CVLS sure in hell was not there to help him.
In a month Zion will be 13, and at that point he can come and go as he so wishes, I am going to let him know that he has a choice, he can stay in the hell that he is in, or I will go and get him a lawyer that will work to get him released from that prison. CVLS help Joyce lie in court; they condone perjury and all I want to know, was this the first time.
You can kill a man, but you will never kill that man soul; as I am just an ant in this fight as I do not have a team of lawyers working to protect me. David Gotzh is not only a racist; he is also fraud. I know for 100% fact that he forges paperwork, in that case, I know that when the Judge asked him if he had taken care of that; she was talking about him going to file paperwork saying that he mail me something when in fact he never did.
I know that he knew that when Jamila and Joyce's other witness came to court for her, they were telling lies; as he coaches her on what needed to be said. She needed someone to come and say that they would take care of Zion when she works, she needed someone to come to court and talk about what a great mother she was, and this was told to her.
Davide Gotzh calls himself a divorce lawyer, and he is the reason why they get the bad rap. He needs to be disbarred and not allowed to practice law; however, he has the privilege; not only being a white man; however, no other lawyer will come and tell the truth. As such, more little black boys lives will be destroyed as ‘What is the life of a little Black Boy Worth’?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Black Family Separation

Can I ask about Black family separations? As I look at news, as read the feeds, I ask myself what about this, as I was just awoken from a dream; one that I have too many times. It is one where I am talking to Zion and telling him that I will pick up him at 12. You see it is going on a year since we last spoke, it is going on a year since we last saw him and you all want to talk about separation at the broader.

I do not see the so-called black news media, politician, or anyone talking about black family septations that go on each day right there in cook county. I have personally called every one of those so-called black politicians. My state Senator; I have been in her office talking about this story as she walks in and pretends not to notice me. After all, this story does not get her any new votes.
I have sent a letter to all that say that they are working in these streets to uplift black family, but that is a joke as that does not make or sell the news. The black vote is in the bag; the black support is paid in full; why would anyone want to do anything to gain the support of those that have already?

I laugh when I read that some want to call this President the most racist President in history; well, that person is not a history major. We have had some that have right out own slaves; Lincoln was not the saver to slaves, he did not care about them and besides what you have been taught he did nothing to free them and could have cared less about their freedom.

Racist, I would take a tweet from this one about Zion, I would take the help from the devil himself if it would help us get Zion back. Get this in your heads; Zion was removed from our care for one reason and only one, David Gotzh wanted to teach a nigga a lesson, he wanted to show me that he could hurt me, he wanted to teach me to stay in my place. This is the reason why I cannot sleep; I cannot sleep because I have lived black family separations.

I was once asked by my so-called black state Senators office; what can she do? Well, she writes the laws if I am correct, she works for the people if I can correct, so if there are laws on the books that say the courts should be doing what is in the best for the child; and there are judges that are not doing that would that be something that falls under her? Oh, let me not forget she does not work for the people that look like her, as they are going to vote for her anyway.

Yes, I am that type of mad, I am so dammed sick of these so-called come to church folks; those are the ones that only come to the church to get blacks out to vote. You want to talk about freedom; the slave does not care what color, sex, or anything about the person that helps to end their slaver. All the slave cares about is the fact that they are free.

I am in a land where some want to talk about how the government here treats their people; I come from a land where the government takes children away from their people because of races! Zion was taken from us by Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan; as she said for only one reason; to teach a Nigga a lesson.  To her, CVLS, David and all in cook county, I am just a nigga to them. I have no rights; I have no voice, and I sure in hell did not have any support.

You said we have a court made up of laws; I said tell me another joke. Laws, we have no dam laws, we have words on paper that do not hold any weight. Black folks have been getting lynch thought-out time with laws on the books. They gave us the right to vote; when the majority of us do not use it. They gave us the right to eat, sleep, and spend all our money with them because they knew we would stop supporting each other.

I get to the point where I am just sick of debating issues with many of my own that are not up for debate; studies show that black homeownership is down. And there are going to be some black folks that tell me that is not true; based on what facts I ask them; I know a lot of black folks that own homes.  Once more the un-educated, you do not know all black folks, and this is true as many of them that say they own that house are renting it, as it is a fact that also the black family is down, how can we have a black family when we do not have black folks getting married?

I have so many fights that I need and want to be doing, and I hate that I must fight to save my son from the streets. Yes, he is our son; to this day, he stills calls us mom and dad. Joyce can beat him, she can brainwash him, she can do all that she wants to try and erase that from him, but time will end that. In time Zion and I will sit down and have that father and son talk, and he will see that I never gave up, he will see that I took this fight all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. I am in the Illinois Supreme Court and if I get one where I am going all the way UP!

Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan discharge us as his legal guardians without having legal jurisdiction over us; as we were never giving service. Not one time did Joyce attempt to get service, and David knows this and CVLS knew this, and they both tried to cover it up, and if they did it in this case, I could only guess how many times before they have done such.

It is 4 am, and I am about to get up and go for a walk, I can walk and not worry about getting shot, stab or rob and that is by the police; let alone by someone in the streets. I have read so many stories about how bad this place is, and I can only say that those stories are the same ones that say a black person has rights in the USA.

So, when you want to post about family separation at the border, may I ask you; what about Black family Separation right in Cook County Probate Courts? How about posting this story, how about saying Zion name, how about taking care of home first? 
I keep telling you all that Trump will win in 2020 because he knows the words to use; he talks about taking care of home; he talks about the issue that middle White American can feel and see, and they might not be exact, but they do not need to be; all he has to do is talk about them.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Checks and Balance?

Was at the building trying to do some work and my soul is just not into it.  I am on the border of just locking that place up and going away for a mouth as I am just so dammed sick of this Bullshit.
I know, I am from the street and for me to sit here and say that I had faith in the legal system would and is a joke. This is the same system that time after time has sent black men to death for just someone saying they did something. I know that some think that I do not care; and that I have this fuck the system point of view and I do.
I just cannot get this case,  as I do not; Let me be CLEAR; I do not think that some mystery god is going to do anything in this case. We (black folks) have been lynching for years, and we are the most praying folk to walk this earth.
I have been told vote and get judges on the court that look like me; they can look like me all dam day, and do not think like me. Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan told me that she could do what she wants, and it is no court that will overturn what she does. She knew the system; funny as hell a judge knew how to play the system. Never let anyone record what is going on in her court, and it comes down to my word and hers, and I am just a negro, and my word is nothing.
I look at the fact that we had a black judge in the adoption case, and she could have done the same thing; she could have just granted the adoption and left it up to the high court. However, she is like many of us; we think that we have a justice system, and we do not. Those bothers in the street they live and die by street justice and that use to be me.
That is why when Joyce attack me in my house, and I told them to call the police; they look at me like WHAT! You call the police; you do not trust the police and dam were they right. I was told not to come back to Ill; fight that the case from Tenn. as it was no way I was going to get anything fair in cook county courts.
I want you all to hear me; when you talk about how this black man should go to jail; I say to hell with you.
Why? Do you want to tell me that we have a justice system that would treat a black man the same as a White one? You want to tell me that we have checks and balance court and that works — bull shit. David Gotzh lied over and over; he never mailed us shit and has been doing this is whole legal life. Dam read what others say about him as a lawyer and for CVLS to have him working for them; just goes to show what and who they are.
Now, I am going to take the case up to the next level, I have no other choice but to fight to the end and in the end, take it to the streets. This case was about the fact that Joyce never got service, and David was able to pull the fast one; he painted me as the big bad black man and that all the court knew. Danny was nowhere in that case; they did not give a fuck about her; it was let’s Lynch, this black man as no one is going to say anything.
I am about to sit up and do some reading on case law; as I must fight this case solo. I know that we only care about young black boys when they have put a gun to someone head. I can only shake my head at the fact that Joyce was able to lie; she was able to get Jamil to come to court and lie (David knew this), and just like life; our so-called justice fails Zion. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Race, Revenge, Like, and Love

Race, Revenge, Like, and Love; this is what Zion case is about.

As it goes, we have not seen or talked to Zion in over a year; and the reason for that it simple race, revenge, like and love.  CVLS David Gotzh was Zion Gal, and he had one duty and only one that is the no adversarial positions of GAL or child representative carry responsibilities every bit as heavy as the adversarial duties of the attorneys for any of the parties. GALs are to act as investigators. They must interview the children and the parties, make recommendations in the children's best interest - including, often, a custody recommendation - and testify or submit a written report as to those recommendations. 750 ILCS 5/506(a)(2).

The very first conversation with David Gotzh, he let me know that he was a racist, he let me know that he was lazy, he told me that his only job to was to do nothing and Zion best interest was not his concern. Now, since that point, he had taken one side and that is the side or race and revenge; he wanted to do all that he could to put me in my place and get revenge for that ARDC complaint.

Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan did not have a view or show any bias in this case until she had a conversation with David Gotzh. I do not know what was said to her; what I do know is that on 2/21/18 she was in court talking about how going to school, playing baseball and all that plans that Zion had mapped out for his life might not be what was best for him. She said that adopting a child that we had for 12 years was not in his best interstate, and she would do all that she could not let this happen.

Now, after I reported her actions to the Judicial Board, this case was only about revenged. As a cook county judge, her ruling was not within step with the laws. She never had legal judications over the parties, and she said she did not care as this case was about putting a black man who thinks he is smart into his place. Let be honest as some will say that is why we have a higher court; to review what judges do. That is a LIE. We have a higher court to rubber stamp what Judges do, and that gives them the privilege to do it.

For Joyce this case was simple about like; she likes the fact that she was able to get a link card; that she applied for the very first day she got Zion back; the first things she did was on June 1, 2018, was to go and apply for link. She likes the fact that she was able to get housing, she applied for this before she got Zion as he put in for Section 8 in other states before she even had Zion. The fact is she did this right after she was evicted from her last apt; David Gotzh helps her apply for a link, section 8, and other state-funded resources.

If Joyce loved Zion, she would have never mental destroy him; if she loved Zion, she would not be keeping him from seeing or calling the only family that he has known his who life. Zion will be 13 in one month, and I gave him my word that I would never stop fighting for him, and when he gets of age, he can leave on his own. As a child, we do as we are told; but once we understand what, we are being told, it is not right we do what is in our hearts. 

The love we have Zion is why we fight, the love that we have Zion is why we do what we do. We had a baby and raised him into a young man, and it kills me to see all these so-called political people talking about how our government is destroying children at the border; what about the ones like Zion we are destroying right at home?

Zion case was and is about race, revenge, like, and love; I have said that this case is in the courts as we fight more lies; the First Dist. Appellant Court believed the lie that David and CVLS told them. They have submitted doctors paperwork to the court, and all I could do was point out to the court what they did. However, as lawyers, my word is not gold; as such, I am in civil
court to get these facts out.

However, I ask of each and all to speak his name Zion; to read about this case, to investigate the facts of this case and tell me that we do not need laws to protect those right here.
We ask why was over 60 people shot over the 4th of July; well, that is because we have a system in Cook County that does not show our children Love!   

Friday, July 5, 2019

Live or Die?

Reason to Live gives Reason to Die!

The hate you give comes back to you 10-fold; not by the hands of anyone but your own. I watched once more the hate you give, and I am sure that as David joke about me taking Zion to see the “Black Panther” he would never watch something like this as more racist never want to see who they are.
I talk about saying on here that I am ready to die for Zion, and David who was Zion GAL was on my page looking at what I post as that was more important to him than the fact that Joyce was smoking weed and still hanging with gang members. David felt that the fact that we gave a overprice house that we own for over 15 years back to the bank for cash and took that money to buy something outright was more critical then Joyce being evicted from her 10th place in a year.
You see, David hated me, not because of this case, more about the fact that I was a black man that stood up to him. I was a black man that would not allow him to talk to me like a was just off his family plantations. Let’s get this real David is and will always be a racist and the sad part is that he thinks that just because he does work for CVLS that takes away this fact.
CVLS feels that they do so much to help the poor that makes them better or above the law. I am sure that there are lawyers working for CVLS that want to do good, they see what is going on and want to help. However, it only takes one bad apple to spoils it for everyone, and David is rotten to the core.
As a father, dad; and man, I have only one life to live and what is living if I do not live it for my children and to make sure they have a better life. Judge Susan Kennedy- Sullivan once said to me that Zion is not my son; this was coming from a person that does not and will never know what it is like to be a mom or mother. She does not know that Zion did not have to come from my seed to be my son.
I know that many non-blacks (and said to say black) would watch a movie like this as it helps them to feel good about their self. When anyone looks at me, they do not see a man, they see first a black man and fear are what they see next. This fear is what makes people like David destroy young black boys; David has a son and the life that he wanted for Zion would he want for his own?
David talks about the fact that Zion was a healthy 12-year-old boy that played sport and just because he did not eat the ordinary so-called black folks’ food, he was not healthy. People like David thinks that it is only standard for black folks to eat pork and other unhealthy foods. Once more, I am sure that his child has a private Dr. I am sure that his child is able to dream about what he wants to be when he grows up.
Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan said to me that life for Zion should not be one where he goes to school, he should not be playing baseball or getting good grades in class as that is the norm for black boys. The Hate you give is one that comes from inside, it is what makes you see any person of color, and you see fear
As long as I have breath in my body, I am going to make sure that I never let this story die as if you do not have something to die for; what are you living for?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Free labor

CNN and all these other shows cannot find any other black folks to speak on issues about Black folks? It seems that they recycle the same folk on these shows — the United States as in Fact built on Slaver.
If it were not for Slaver, there would not be the USA. Sorry, that is 110% fact. I would like to teach about the real history and not the water down version that we are feed; As it kills me how so many of these so-called awoke folk is sleeping.
Dam I question do we all suffer from PTSD as the sins of your fathers are passed down through the mother. So what was done to her is inside of you. We all walk around with the memory of our great-great grandmother being Rape by her owner.
Let that sink into your brain as that is your Grandmother grandmothers. Now, this is for us that do not have mothers over (or would have been over) 70.
I sit up on days like this when it gets over 80, and I worry about Zion, and how is he doing in this heat. I think about that person who is the daughter of my mom cousin that came to court and lied for Joyce. I think about how I have a recording of her talking to her husband about how she lied, and she was going to have to keep on telling that lie and David Gotzh and CVLS told the Judge that I should not be able to call her or play the recording due to the fact that I should come forward with this beforehand. Dam it was the next day that I got it that I came to court with it.
I am not the one; I am sorry if I sound or seem mad; as I am mad as hell. David is lucky that I am not the low-down nigga from the hood that he called and talked about me being. He is lucky that I respect his wife and children more than he respected mines. He is lucky that I do not do to him what he did to me when he gave Joyce and her gang members my daughter address.
So, yes, I am a bigger man, and yes, I do not and will not use women and children to fight my battle. But you better know that I want to make dam sure that when he walks into a courtroom in this County that Judge knows him.
I have made myself get hot, and heating and I need to bring it down before my pressure goes up, as I am sorry, I care about real justice, and we do not have this. So, when I see others talking about how children are treated at the border; I say to them take your ass to any child Jail and see how they are treated.
Go to the Cook County jail and see how those people locked up in there are treated; do not cry for others if you cannot cry for my brothers that are lockdown on 26th and California, as many of those brothers are there trying to feed or give a better life to their child.
The USA was built off the back of slaver, and to this day, it still used free labor. Let me drop this last note, the push for the rights of children; what do you think this is about?
It is about Free labor, each one of you that have a little boy, might just be having a little one that David Gotzh will get his hands on to send him to another world. That is what the brothers on Lockdown in Division 2 call it as they say when you come into there, you are not in the world anymore.

Monday, July 1, 2019

We are Free

How was Clear folk able to enslave Black for so many years?
Easy, we did not support each other’s in the 1800 and we sure in hell do not do it now!
Shit, we are the most divide group walking this earth.
This weekend in the chi shooting was on point as 58 were shot over the weekend and you all talking about dumb shit.
I have asked over and over for someone just to take a look at the Cook County probate court; to look into Zion case and see how many other young men of color were sold off.
The job of a GAL is to be the mouth for the child; they have one job and only one; that is to do what in the best of the minor.
Davide Gotzh and CVLS said it was better for Zion to come off private insurance and go on Link.  CVLS said it was better for Zion to leave the school that he has been in all his life to go living down on 79th over east> Davide said that block that has someone getting shot each weekend was an “up and coming part of the city with a nice park.”
WHAT? So now I have been asking all you to share the link, share it as someone might read it and it helps them. Cook County Probate Court is where those black children go before; they are placed into DCFS care. And CVLS has one job, and only one and the County pays them dam well to do that one job.
Now, David Gotzh is a Nazi; He told me during our phone call about coming to meet him on ‘CP” time that he was German and old school. WTF? I am on the phone for the first time, and Zion GAL wanted to talk to me about how Negros are always late and how White German is not as they value time...
I cannot make this shit up. This is the man that wrote about how those Negros thugs from Gary were coming to Hobart and destroying his nice family mall. This man is a GAL with a group that has about 90% of African-American clients. There needs to be a special procurator assigned to look into this case and to look into all the Cases with David Gotzh and CVLs.
I bet the house that if you talk to these young men lock up in jail, over half of them were clients of CVLS at some point in their life. The question is, what did CVLS do to destroy their life; as we all know that they did to Zion.
As long as your ex-slave Master Children know that they can divide and keep Black at each other, they will always be able to control them.  This Racist told Danny that if she was to remove me from her and our children life; that they could see zion. I cannot make this shit up; I have the transcript from Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan saying this.
David has two children, and I wonder what in hell would he say if someone told his wife; if you leave David, you can keep your child or if you do not leave him you will never see your child. These are the folks that I was fighting in Court.
This man talks about the fact that I could take a trip to Cuba; Yes, David Gotzh Negros can get passports also; as we are Free Now.  He was allowed to stand in a Cook County Court and make a racist joke to me, and nothing was done; if I was Jewish and he talks that way he would be run out of the County. But since I am just a little black boy; it is ok to Lynch me; as they have been doing it in the court for many years. I want this letter to get to Cook County Board President as I want to ask her how did she Support Chief Judge Evans and Judge Susan Kennedy -Sullivan.