Monday, April 22, 2019

See Something you Say Something;

I know that Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan feels that she was within her right to do what she did in our case. The funny things that as a Judge she does not have any checks and balance. For the most part, the Appellate Court does not care that she used her bench for personal revenge; they only care if she did it within the laws. So, I have submitted my Brief, and I look forward to seeing what David Gotzh as to say about it.  
We love to talk about if you see something say something, I hear the police saying it, I hear the church folks saying it. A young man is shot and killed, and everyone comes out and say if you hear something you says something. How about our judicial system takes the lead, they see each day that we have judges whom should not be on the bench; we have lawyers like David Gotzh that use the court as their personal racist pulpit. We have a broke system, and it does not want to be fixed as it only hurts those that look like Zion.
For the past week, I have been getting the mail back that I sent to Joyce as the post office is saying that she moved and there is not a forward address. Well, I have been getting this mail back like this since last October and when I question CVLS about this David told his boss to pay me no mind. Now, this is what she did; she overlooks each and everything that he did. David was only able to do what he did because she let him do it. If you see something you say something, well start from the top.
I am 100% sure that the Judge lied if she was called by the board, I am 100% sure that David lied as, to tell the truth, would not be in them. So, I say to those that love to say if you see something you say something; take a seat in the timeout box. I am so sick of how we destroy young black boys; I am so sick of how we have a system that is built solo on race. David Gotzh is a racist that is a Fact, and I hope to prove this fact in a court of law. Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan should not be on the bench as she used that black rob just as these so-called gang bangers on the streets used their guns; she did a drive-by on me, and Zion took the hit. 
I have copies of all the transcript that I was able to get, and if anyone wants to take the time to read them, they will see that this case was never about Zion. How in hell can anyone say that it was; I still have this little boy baseball bag in the same spot that it was when he left. Those $100 shoes that I had just got him are still in there. His new bats and gloves are still in there as he was kidnaped from us for only one reason. REVENGE!
Do you want to tell me that it was the Judge job to help Joyce get some link? As that was something David brags about, Joyce gets link now; Well that is cool now she can feed Zion slave food and make him just another unhealthy black child. If you see something say something; as soon as the Judicial Board start doing it, as soon as ARDC start doing it; as soon as those in the justice system start doing it. How can a Judge sell black children into a prison system? Easy, everyone saw something and they said nothing.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lawyers will lie, Judges will lie,

Long Night as I had to rewrite my work for school (yes, I redid my Prospectus, I had to redo our Brief as the Truth is that what was done in room 1806 was no way in line with any laws in any state. However, as the Judge told me she could do what she wants because she is the Judge and CVLS and David let the fact that I was that Nigga that would not buck; so they knew what was going on was wrong; however RACE comes before anything in this world.

So, the court struck all the briefs and told us both to redo them. I needed this as I did mines without having the record and it was done merely on memory... Well, I needed to cite and did not have the record to do such.

Today would have been the 99th born day to my grandma and anyone that knows me a Riv, Rivier, Vernell; knows that she was my world. They also know that it is only five people walking this earth that I am going to give my life for; and if you fuck with one of them, I am coming for you.

So, trust me this is 100% personal for me, and I am going to do all that I can in my power to make sure that each one of those that had a part pay. I want my money back as I had to pay for something that was not needed, I want to make sure that David does not hurt another black child; I want CVLS to change its policy when it comes to having racist lawyers working on behalf of little black and brown babies. I want Judge Kennedy-Sullivan off the bench. We also want Zion to live his life and be whom he can be; not to be used as he is now being done to. 

Now as a Lawyer David Gotzh had lied in Court; as a Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan has told me from the bench things about her feelings about me but like the Sky, the truth will come out. On July 25, 2018, in courtroom 1806 Judge Kennedy-Sullivan was going to lock me up due to the fact that Joyce under oath lied about getting a copy of my motion.

Now, a fact I mail out everything, and it is no reason on this earth that I would not send it to her, after all, she would not understand it pass her name. However, on this date she lied; I had the transcript to prove it and what did the Judge Kennedy-Sullivan and David do, they read this and told me that it does not prove that she got anything. WOW; as you read it the judge on Harrison ask me if I had another copy, next that judge called for time and what did she do; she has the court make a copy of it; as it was 45 pages.

I did a motion to remove Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan as right and it was granted; however, David asked for a hearing on that motion. Now once more the laws are clear on this, however, we had one and during it he LIED. If he had told the truth that Judge would have been off this case. You see I can stand up as a man and I can fight anyone on the law and truth, however, that is not what our courts are about. Laws and Truths; Hell no. Lies and Lynching Black MEN!

THE PETITIONER: I want to represent myself. Your
Honor, was I suppose to get a copy of that response because
he never sent me anything.
THE COURT: You are. Did you get -- Mr. Muhammad
did you give a copy to the Petitioner?
THE RESPONDENT: Your Honor, I mailed a copy to the
THE COURT: All right. Would you happen to have an
extra copy on you?
THE RESPONDENT: Yes, your Honor.
THE COURT: All right. Can you just hand to over to
the sheriff so the sheriff can hand it to her so that she
can have a copy.
THE RESPONDENT: Your Honor, can I give her this
copy and go get one out of the car, this was my copy I made
notes on.
THE COURT: You don't to write notes --
THE COURT: Can you give it to the -- do you have an
extra copy?
THE RESPONDENT: I have an extra copy in the car.
THE COURT: All right. Give me one second. On this
case did you want to represent yourself or would you like me
to give you time to hire a lawyer?
THE RESPONDENT: Represent myself, your Honor.
THE COURT: All right. So Mr. Muhammad, you have
two options. Your first option would be to have a hearing
where the Court decides all issues after sworn testimony by
both sides. Your second option would be to agree to the
entry of on order for a period of -- how long did you ask
for this?

Now, after reading this David said that does not prove she got anything; Ok why in hell would the Judge move on if she did not have a copy? That is why I say, and you can take it to the bank you cannot trust our court systems. As Lawyers will lie, Judges will lie, and we all know dam well Joyce lied time after time.

Fact CVLS and David fought me for five months to keep these transcripts out of the hands of the Appels court. Their only job was and is to do what is best for Zion, David said that the only way Joyce should get Zion back, “is if she wins the lotto.” However, he left out if I do not let him buck me is another way.

When David whom is a lawyer was asked about Judge Kennedy-Sullivan saying on July 25, 2018, that she did not trust me or care for me, and I think that I am smart; he LIED about it and said this. Now, that courtroom was full of 10 Cook County Deputies as I was about to go to jail for not making another copy. Now, I had not got a dam thing from any one of them; but the Judge was going to lock me up if I did not go and pay to make them all copies in 30 min. (The Appel Court now has a copy)

MR. MUHAMMAD: As a GAL -- As a GAL in the case,
from my understanding of the statute, he's a witness.
He can be called to testify. The GAL just stated that
according to his recommendation, he doesn't recall
anything that the judge said on July 25th. I would
like to ask him about that, your Honor.
THE COURT: Well, he's indicated that he disagreed
with your representation. And you've indicated one
thing, and he's indicated the other. I don't know what
else there would be to discuss with regarding that or
to question regarding that. Where do you want to go?
He says up. You say down. You say night. He says
MR. MUHAMMAD: Where I want to go is, your Honor,
we had a hearing on July 25th. He said he doesn't
recall it. I want to ask him was the matter brought
before the judge about did Ms. Washington receive a
copy of my response.
THE COURT: Okay. Counsel.
MR. GOTZH: Judge, all I was indicating was that
his characterization of the specific comments is just
not what I recall happened that day. I know why we
were here. We had a preliminary hearing on objections
filed in the Probate matter. And then we went onto the
OP after the Probate matter was concluded. That's all
I can say.
If you want me to give -- If someone is
expecting me to give a blow-by-blow of what everyone
said one hundred percent, I can't do that. But if
someone is shouting from the bench, I think that is
something I probably would remember. I'm just going to
suggest I don't remember the shouting, the excited
utterances that Mr. Muhammad is representing occurred.
THE COURT: Anything else, Mr. Muhammad?
MR. MUHAMMAD: Your Honor, can I get a yes and no
on his answer?
THE COURT: What's the question?
MR. MUHAMMAD: The question was was the issue
brought up before Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan if
Ms. Washington received a copy of my response?
THE COURT: Do you recall?
MR. GOTZH: Yes. That I recall.
THE COURT: It was?
MR. GOTZH: Yeah.
THE COURT: There you go.
MR. MUHAMMAD: Due to that, if he recalls did
the judge make any remarks as far as she did not
trust me?
MR. GOTZH: That part I don't recall, Judge. I'm
THE COURT: Anything else?

I need to find a Civil Right Lawyer that will help me take on CVLS as I know first, they are going to come with a motion to dismal my case. If I get over that wall, it is all gravy as I can get all the doc’s that I need to show they breed a system of bias and mismanagement. Also, their goal is not to do what is in the Best of the Minors; however, just as it was in this case; personnel revenge and destroying little black and brown babies.

Thursday, April 11, 2019


It has been some time since I have blogged about this case and it is due to the fact that I have been swamped. I am still working on my Thesis for school; I have other children that have issues. I have a son that is trying to complete his work for his master in EDU. I have my other son that in a few weeks would have ended his first year working on his BA in History.  My baby girl was able to find a better job working with DCFS in another state (due to the fact that David Gotzh gave her personal information to Joyce and members of “GD”)
I have to say that as baseball season kicks off, it makes me think about big Z; as this is our time. He and I would talk about whom the Sox picked up. We missed the opening game; we have missed so much in the past nine months. However, I know that this year he will be 13 and he can tell Joyce to Kick Rocks; he can just get up and leave if he wants.
I can tell you this, and you have my word on it, this blog, my work, each and everything that happens, in this case, I am going to share it with Zion. I am going to sit him down and talk to him about what happened to him and why. I am not going to hold back; I am going to tell him each and everything, and I am going to support it with the Record as he is going to know how he was used.
He will know that Joyce used him for Link, to have a place to live, he will know about how he came into this world. He will know about David Gotzh and how races were played in this case. Zion knows race, and he also knows good and evil, and I am sure that he will tell us each and everything that was done to him. Big Z does not forget anything, that little boy can tell you what and where he spent his 2nd bday at.
The issue we have is, do we get him back in time?  Has this year cause him so much mental, physical and emotional harm that it is too late? Zion comes from a line of mental illness, and it was the biggest worry that we had. His grandmother is lock up in the nut house, do to the fact that she was in a store one day seeing and talking to dead folks without anything on. His grandfather, my uncle, was crazy, his wife; Zion Great Grandmother was Crazy and died in a crazy house. Joyce has a history of deep mental issues; so, it was all these issues that we work so hard to change his life. 
Fact is that mental illnesses are a disease that can be controlled; as you take someone and put them into a loved house and show them love the right way you can control it. However, as with any illness it will come out in some way, and with Zion, we knew how it came out, and we knew how to address it. I am past mad; lets me be clear as I can, my hate for David is one built on the fact that since he talks out me about Nigga time; up to the point that he wanted to debate with me about taking a black boy to see Black Panther; he and I have been at it.
All that I asked of him was not to let his personal issues come into this case; he wants to hate black boys do it on his time, not Zion. I bet the house he would not want what happened to Zion to happen to his son; that is the problem with a racist; they feel that their child has a privilege that others do not. His son is white, and for that reason, only he feels his son is better than Zion. He son is and was no better than Zion and in fact, Zion would and could have been and done better than his son due to the fact that he had better parents.
We did not bring up our children to hate anyone due to race; we taught them to love who they are, and they had friends of all races, but they love whom they were more. Zion friends as school was a child that looks like him and one that did not. He did not judge them base on their race; he judges them based on the fact if they like the same girl that he did. That is how a child life should be.
David, son, and daughter are in a house where they are taught that being White is better, and this was passed down to David. I am sure that when his dad hit and killed that Hispanics girl and her sister on their way to school, he did not see them as being human. He did not see two little white girls on their way to school; he saw something that was less, and for that reason, they were not worthy. This is the mindset of a racist, and this is the mindset that grows at CVLS; sorry the fact is what they are.
CVLS knew about David and they choose to let him go wild; they gave him the privilege that he wanted, he wanted to go out and destroy little black children, and he could not do this in his law practice, he needed an outlet, and that was CVLS. They gave him keys to the hen house, and like a hawk, he took his feeling on race out on little black children.  When you invite a racist into your house, what they do you are legally liable for their actions.

Saturday, March 23, 2019


I will not lie; I am tired. It has been one Fuck up year for me, and as of now the Case with Zion is in the hands of First District Appellate Court.
Fact the case will go back down to the lower court; what I do not know is how and under what directions will they send it back down.
This is my first time doing an Appellate Brief, and I can tell you for fact that I know how our courts work, It is not about if you did it, it is not about right or wrong it is about one thing and the only one Did the Judge /Jury do what they did under the guild lines of the law.  To be blunt the court does not care about you and your rights or if you did it or not, did they convict you in the right way.
WOW that is so Muck up; Now, David Gotzh wrote the reply brief for Joyce; Yes, it was for her as he has not done a dam thing in this case for Zion. He could not fight the facts; so, he wrote nine pages of Me and only Me. This man talked about me from start to end, and I will attach that with my other proof that he is a racist that wanted to Lynch me in the courtroom.
You might think this is s joke, but if you read his Brief you have to ask yourself who is running CVLS? I do not know, and that is why all that he did and does it with their blessing. Let me put it this way, A cop locks you up or does something to you that is totally based on the fact that he does not like black men.
So, you go to his boss, and you tell them that they have a cop working for them that does not like blacks’ people. So, they do nothing about it, no they do something, they give him the cop of the month after what he does. So that is what CVLS did with David, and that is why I name them in my federal complaint.
I am going to run an add as soon as I can as I want to find others that know about him, I am going to check in Ohio and his birth home town as it is a Fact a racist does not wake up one day and decide that is what and who they are. No, they are born this way, and I am sure that in this man past he has done what he did to me before.
I hope that I can save just another young black boy from his type. I want to look at CVLS records and see how they are when it comes to race. I am just a mouse, and they will come for me, and I know this, and I am ready for that fight. I hope to get some help from a lawyer with the federal courts.
This was something that I did not look for, and it has cost my family a lot of money and time and pain, I know what is going on with Zion as I have a family that loves to talk about sad shit. Joyce is seeing some new man, she is getting high around him, and he is going from house to house as she does not have time for him.
I wish I could post what David wrote to the courts as I got my copy from someone as guess what he did not send it to us. Yes, once more he said that he was going to mail it out and he did not. Well ARDC lets him get away with this, the Judges like him get away with it, and I just hope that the letter that I sent to the IRS does something.
I do not. Let me say this one more time I DO NOT LIKE RACIST. When they use their powers to hurt Black Children, I am sorry I have a problem with that. I made it clear, hurt me, lock me up in jail; but do not hurt my son. And they told me we are going to hurt you by hurting him and that is what they did. SO, IT IS PERSONAL FOR ME!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Chess not Checkers

Trump will win in 2020 as there is not one person that is running that can beat him. This is a Fact. We have folks in the race that do not have what it takes to take him on. Also, his base that 40% will come out to vote as they want that last seat on the high court.
Let me tell you what I feel about him; I do not care about that wall; I do not care about what he is doing as it does not affect my day to day life. I do not get the link, or any other public anything, do not make enough to care about the tax issue and at this point, if a woman has the right to choose is not my issue to fight.
I am tired, mental just tired as the last year I have been in a fight to save Zion. Some will say save him, from what. He is with his birth mother, so he should be ok. Well, that mindset is why Trump will win. We (blacks) are the reason that we have a trump as we were saying I am not going to vote, or I will not vote for her.
Some want to say that she did not go to the states in the Midwest that she lost; well, she did not have to do as we should have come out to vote anyway. We must stop playing checkers in life and start playing Chess. You all that play chess understand the game; you must be thinking one to three moves ahead. In life what we do today is not about us; it is about the grandchildren we will have.
I see in 6-year Zion is going to be at the age where he is going to be in someone school, someone jail or just another black man walking around doing nothing in life. I was told that he is selling stuff at his school and how he is doing this and how he is ok and happy.
Now, this is based on what? How can someone tell me that he is happy when in the last seven months he has not been able to talk to see the people that he looks at as his family? Selling stuff at school to make money is not something he was or would have been doing. I used to take him with me to do side jobs and teach him how to do them and give him money for doing it.
Chess is a game of life; you teach your young black man how to work and used their hands, and also teach them that education is first. Once more these are skills that many young black boys do not get due to the fact that they do not have real men in their lives. Zion has yet another man in his life; this would be the 6 or 7 that Joyce has brought into his life.
As a young man, he looks and sees his birth mother having all these men come in and out of her bedroom and this gives him the wrong foundation. We do not think about how our actions can play on what our children think. I see the notices going up as baseball is about to kick off and I know this young man will not be playing a sport that he loves.
You see David little boy will play as he has the money to put into him, he will make the time to take him. Many of you do not understand the work and time it takes as a parent to take your child to sports and the cost. Those days of public aid sports are over, where young men could play for free; the average price for baseball is about $600.
Once more Chess is putting him into a sport that helps him think and gives him something to wish for. It kills me when I look at his 10-year life goal, and I have to think how Judge Kennedy-Sullivan and David Gotzh said that was not the right path for a young black boy to take. His path did not have a prison in it, so for them, it was the wrong path.
Once more chess; those that will vote for Trump understand that in the next 4 years we will have one or two opening on the high court and one will end Roe V Wade; 2 will end all the social programs that are in place and will not only get that wall but make us, even more, a police state.
Chess is making it so that a young woman with children can get a nice payday when she does not have a job and does her taxes and gets back about $5k. In her mind that is something to live for, that once a year big check. As she is playing checkers (just as they do with that link they get), she goes out and buys a car, clothes and other items that do nothing for her long term.
So, what does this do to the mindset of this woman? It makes her think that she does not need to work; she does not need a man. Look at the history of public aid and what it did to black women and the black family and tell me that was not a chess move. We were taught when selling life insurance that you have to think 10 to 20 or more years down the line if you want to be good at your job.
You are selling someone a chess game as life insurance is not checkers. It is not about the next week, month or year as it is ten years or more. The company wants you to live ten years or more as that is how they get paid and it is a chance that you will drop that policy. I bet many of you do not know that most policies have a two-year clause when if you die in that first two years they do not have to pay if.
I have taken the time to learn about the court's system and how it is set up like a chess game; the moves you make during court can come back and affect you in the end. The record for this case is stack; it is stack with a record that shows just what was going on as I was able to put in what I needed. I have the Judge complaint; I have the ARDC about David as I was looking down the road to if this case had to make it way up the courts.
I played chess as I came to court and did not say anything, I let David make the racist joke, I never look at him or gave him or that judge any reaction as I did not play the angry black man in court. I knew that what they were doing was wrong and was breaking the law; and when they would fake paperwork or try and slip something into the record, I made sure that I got copies of everything. I have said all the time, in federal court, it is not the crime that gets you, but the lie.
Trump voter are going to play chess in 2020, and they are going to put a man back into office that they might not like, but he is going to give them what they need. We should have done the same thing when too many of us were going around saying that we were not going to vote for her.
Yesterday I did some training as I am about to do more when it comes to elections stuff as we need to get Judges like this one and others off the bench as these judges to affect our day to day life more than anything that is going on in DC. Cops can kill a black man and walk due to chess.
Paint the picture that all black men are big; bad and angry and you can kill them, and no one cares.

Friday, March 15, 2019

White Nationalism

As I look at the news and the killing in New Zealand, it makes me think about the White Nationalism that works for CVLS. I beg the powers that be at CVLS to remove him from Zion case, and he did like most of them do and was to paint me as the angry Black man.
The gal made the Judge think I was the problem; he did not have to work that hard to convince her or CVLS as they looked at me and said I was a black man and that in itself is terrible.
Now I took my feeling to the Chief Judge Evans and the ARDC and CVLS board, and all three just put their heads into the sand and did nothing. White Nationalism or racism itself can grow and strive when others do as those three did, and that is to say and do nothing.
There was no reason for that GAL to tell me about his German Background and he can lie about these facts all he wants but have the Email that I sent talking about what he said to me right after I got off the phone with him. I do not have to lie; I beg these group to just removed him and let the legal process play out. However, that is not the case as we all love to see the fire after it starts and does little to keep them out beforehand.
When he talks about how young men of color are gangbanger should have been a red flag; however, once more he was just talking young boys of color. We do nothing to stop people like him as this is normal. We have got to the point where we feel nothing, and we all think that people like him will not affect us; that until one of them shot and kills 49 or more.
Time after time I had to stand in a courtroom as he made Muslim jokes and the Judge just laugh as to her, there were funny. It makes me so mad as if he had said something that was toward a Jewish or gay person more would have been done. I know this for a fact; as the proof is in the record that I hope to get my hands on.
What can we do to bring an end to racism in American? Nothing as it will never go away and for many, they do not want it to. Fact is becoming a browner society and those Like David do not want to give up power. So, they will keep destroying young black, and brown babies as that are the only way they can see staying in power.

The KKK does not walk around in white sheets or do they talk about their hate like they use to; Now they are lawyers; gal, judges and any and all another job. The Dr. that pulls your teeth the buy that helps you bag up your bad; the gal who talks about young black boys and class them want to be gangbanger thug. Yes all of them an be a member of the Klan or share their views as the rise of White Nationalism is on the upraise as more and more David can walk around doing what they do best; lynching young black boys.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Jail or Grave; Where Black men End up at.

We want to say that in 2006 when we took Zion into our house, it was to keep him from going into DCFS; as they have a history of destroying young black males.  I can recall a phone conversation with the ex-head of DCFS, and how he told me over the phone that it was the fault of African-American that so many children of color were being placed into DCFS. He wanted to tell me how we as parents should allow our children to be and do what they want to sum up the conversation. It was after that it came to me that the problem with DCFS is not the workers; however, it is the person over them.
Well, I will not waste your time as I am sure that you are sick of getting anything from me; as I know, it is nothing anyone can do. We walk around with our heads in the sand saying that our hands are tied, and next we question what we can do with the issue we are having when it comes to young black and brown children as the young White ones do not have to worry about facing a justice system that bases all it decision on race.
I want you to say that If I go into the Federal or any courthouse and file a civil case on you and do not send you a copy of this complaint would that be just? Now, not only do I file one on you; however, I also name your spouse into the complaint and do not send them anything, would that be just? As such you read about the case online, and you are shocked and you do as most would do; you go to court, and you ask the court to damsel the case.
Now, the judge does not do that, they issue order after order, and they have someone to come into the case that tells you that your race of people is lazy as they do not understand time. Now, this person justifies the fact that you and your spouse were not giving notice as now I have been awarded a million dollars that you have to pay me.
So, when you go to court to have this judgment removed the Judge tells you that she is not going to do that as you were in the courthouse on something else so you should have just come to her court. Or that she does not like you, so she is not going to vacate the judgment. To top that off the person that came into a case to guild the case tells you; that you and your spouse are not like McDonald's and Burgan King as such, you are one and do not need notice.
Now, these are some of the things that were said on 10/10/18 In this case, and I have the transcript to prove this. Now the GAL wants to keep them out of the hands of the appellate court as they go to show just how bias this Judge and Gal were. The sad part about this is the little boy who has to now live over east on 78th right in the middle of a shooting gallery.
I said that we get what we get when it comes to the killing in the city as we have a system that is set up to make sure that young black males end up in two places; Jail or Graves. The sad part to me is that most of the head office in Cook County is run by someone that looks like me and those that look like me are still catching hell.
The City of Chicago will have for the first time an African-American woman running city hall, and I say to myself what will change from all the others that have run it, and that answer is Nothing! People that look like me are still going to be locked up or killed at a high rate. Little black boys like Zion will still be living in homes where drug use is the normal and as I have been told they have to hustle to make it. 
So, for me, I say you can keep symbolism of having someone that looks like me in charge and just give me someone that cares.  Do you ask what you can do? Make sure this story gets out, so we do not have more Zion’s.

We cannot have Justice as long as we have unjust Judges sitting in the courts.