Saturday, December 15, 2018

Money MS.

To David; I want you to personally know that I have no respect for you as a man or a lawyer.
I used to wonder why you put the wrong headings on your paperwork; as I always thought it was a sign of you just being a lazy lawyer who does not like to work. As that is what they said about you around the courthouse.
I want you to know that before I talk to you the first time, I knew all that needed to know about you, I knew about your life in Ohio, and your racist background no wonder you vote Republican, and you moved to one the racist city in Lake County.
I check into your background, and I knew where you lived, and your whole family history as I made sure that I research the person who was going to make the life and death decision for my son.
Yes, David Zion is my son, you that Judge and anyone else that wants to say that he is not due to the fact that he is not from my seed is just as dumb and racists the slave master that used to take little black babies and feed them to the dogs.
You talk to me during our first conversation, and you said to me that you and I were going to meet man to man and I told you at that point ok. Well, let me tell you that you are not a MAN. You are whom I thought you were and I want you to know that It is nothing you can do that is going to break me or make me walk away. I know Joyce, and I know that in time Zion is going to end up in DCFS case as that is just how bad it is for him.
Now, I beg you to walk away from this case, and it was due to the fact that you are a racist. You are one of the worse ones; you are just like the family that you spoke so highly about, that being the German ones.
You used babies, women and weak people to highlight your cause. You used your White Man Privilege to fools those folks as CVLS and painted me as the angry black man. You are the reason that CVLS has open itself up to a legal case for a Civil right, and another issue. They knew about you, and they did nothing to stop you, and I have the proof to support that.
You think that I am going to pay you anything, you must be out there smoking that same pipe with Joyce if you think that. I am going to make this blog just about you as I have made it clear I DO NOT LIKE YOU and I DO NOT RESPECT YOU.
I have not posted one thing about your family, outside of the fact that your dad killed a little Hispanic girl and blamed it on the sun. I do not display the issue your family has — the public record tax and other judgments on you and them; as unlike you, I do not use women and children in my fights.
You used Zion to hurt me and let me tell you something in 2 years Zion will be going to high school. And at that point, I am going to talk to my son and let him know to sue you for what you did.
You are a lier, you cheat on your taxes and other crimes; you have faked court document and lied about the fact that you file them. I want you to know that I have reported your actions to the IRS and anyone else that I can think of as you sir live in a Glasshouse.
On May 30, 2018 you had that Judge lock me up, you had Joyce call the police on me for nothing and go lie to get that OP Case (I told you that nut called my wife phone and she told all about you and her to that little girl she sell sex with on that back page). You gave Joyce and her "GD" gang members my daughter information and addressed downstate (I had to move her after that) and that actions could have cost my daughter her life.
Sir, you talk about in a motion how I said to you that I wanted to “fisticuffs” with you; let me tell you this right now to fight you would be like me fighting my son, You are a weak person, and less of a man than I in all ways from top to bottom.
I am going to come after you where it hurts; I want to make sure that it is not one Judge, in one courtroom that does not know about you. I told you I go around the courthouse passing out flyers and telling anyone just what type of lawyer you are.
As your profile said you are lazy, but you are also a fragile man, you could not last one second in that jail you had that Judge put me in.
I spent 30 days locked up in that Jail due to Joyce, so to think that was going to break me was a joke. What it did was help me reach other young black men that have had a lawyer like you, and that is the reason they are in there. You would be the type of man that would eat a gun or hang himself before going to jail; as I said you are a Weak man.
What can you do to me, you hurt my wife, my children and you think I was going to walk away? Sir, you better talk to Joyce as she will tell you that is not who I am.? I lived my life coming up in a city full of gang members, and I never was one. Due to the fact that I know how to used what my bloodline gave me. While yours were walking on all fours in the caves, mines were master builders the real mason.
You were right when you said to me that you wish you could do half of what I can. You cannot take ten hits and put a penny nail into a pine board that is how weak of a man you are.
Today is my birthday and I am not going to spend it doing anything but making sure that my federal complaint is on point. I want to make sure that I outline all that I know about you and I have found out about you. As you are just like your grandfather.
Your family coming to American and changing your name does not change your family tree. I have spent my life doing one thing, and that is helping young black boys I Hate weak racist men as you go after those that cannot fight, you lynch the weak and young boys.
Zion was your Emmett Louis Till, and courtroom 1806 was Money Miss for him. I ask this question of you, were you jealous that you cannot go to Cuba? Is that why you talk about me going. Well, let me be the first to tell you; I go to Cuba as not to have to deal with Racist White Men like yourself.
The Cuban people do not see me as some Nigga as you do and I am sure you have called me many times. I go there to get away from the smell of burning skin from the lynching of so many black men in the county, in these so-called courtrooms in American.
It is a fact that you did not want Zion to see the Black Panthers; as you think that all black peoples do is eat and get fat. Fact for Joyce to say that Zion gains anything she would have to know what his weight before. Also, a fact you did not want Joyce or ZIon to take that Drug test because you know they would fail. DO not worry I am going to make sure Zion tells the court all about you (as I said two years)
I told each one of those lawyers that we were not going to get any justice in that courtroom that is due to the fact that the Judge does not know or understand the laws and she does not care.
You present these motions in her courtroom, and you cite cases without a clue to what you are saying. The Judge takes your word for it as she is not dumb; anything happiness to Zion she is going to drop that on you (Judge in that courtroom had a child die after they gave him back and after that most Judges let that fall on others).
David if that little boy every comes to any type of harm I want you to personally know that I am going to sue you and come after your house (I will get in line behind the tax man), and anything that you think you might own.
Coming back into the USA I was stopped due to my last name Muhammad, and I spoke with the homeland folk, and I told them that I change my name and I did it with the mindset that some were not going to like it. I have spent my life reading and learning about history and I said to myself that I am not a slave and I will not carry my master name.
David, you talked to me as I was a boy that day, and I got you by 20 years. The funny part is I just look like I am younger than you are (Black does not Crack!). But let me tell you now, I am not your boy. I look you in your eyes, as you do not have more education then I, you do not have anything that I do not, but your skin privilege.
I have put two children through their BA and Master's degree and working on the 3rd. Zion was to be the 4th; I was going to make him into a Black man that does not have to hold his head down or beg for anything. You and that judge wanted to make him into cancer on society.
Joyce is just that, she is cancer, as she will never be any more than what she is, and you are very fast to defend her and talk about how she did not see sex. I have the proof that she did, she was on that track so bad that if I am telling a lie, tell her to sue me for it.
If one thing I have said it not the facts takes me to court on it, you all cannot do that, as what I say is fact. By the time you told Joyce about the private investigator that I hire, I had all that I need on both of you.
Now, as I told you from the start you can keep on reading my blogs and playing the games that you play as that is to make up for what you are lacking. Sit in Starbucks looking up cases online as I bet if I was to pull your last 30 motions, they all would be the same format as that is what you do. I bet you are 0.00 when you come up to a lawyer that does not only knows the laws but also know why.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Checks and Balance

Only within the Black Family has the man been reduced and the woman has taken over the role as the head of the family. Now, this is not something that was not placed onto us by accident. However, it was and has been a systematic plot to destroy the black family, and too many black women fell into this hole.
You remove the position of the man in the Black family and make the women feel as he has no valued that is how to destroy the Black Family.
This year I have stood in courtroom 1806 and watch this happen as two devils have stood there and said that as long as I am around, they would do all they can to destroy Zion.
Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan stood on the bench and talk about how she would rather see Zion living with a pimp, gang members, and or drug dealers than to be raised by me. Why? She did not like that fact that I push education, being a man, doing for self and not dependent on the help of others.
I bet in her house, her husband is the head of that house, they do not have children, but he is the head. David Gotzh talks about what he is doing is for the best of Zion. I bet he would not let his two children come up or go to the school that he said would be better for Zion (he does not even want black folk shopping at his mall).
You see this case was never about Zion, it as and has been about the fact that I stood up to them. I came to court each time as an educated black man. I came to them as a father who loved his children. For Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan to say to me that I am not Zion Father and he is not my son was not about a DNA, but more about a system of removing the man from the family.
Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan said to us that if I were not in the picture, it would be for the better as the two ladies could work on bringing up Zion without me being there.
The GAL David Gotzh condone Joyce coming to court and telling lies that he knew about. Jamie said to me that David Gotzh knew that they were telling lies, and he said nothing. He in fact order her and others not to come to court as he was going to take care of me.
He did just that, we are in a courtroom where it should have been about the truth, and he and CVLS said that they did not want to hear the truth, it was not about that. What in the hell is the courtroom about then?
CVLS is not about helping young brown and black children. The fact that each of these people calls themselves a lawyer and say that they take an oath to uphold justice is and was a joke. I watch the making of a Lynching.
A judicial lynching, that when addressed to the leader of CVLS and Chief Judge Evans they all put their head into the sand and did nothing to stop it. Do not talk to me about how we have a justice system as that is not and was not the case in courtroom 1806.
I have gone to the federal government and requested that the feds come into this case and investigate the actions in this case as I am sure this is not the first time that this judge and CVLS have join forces to break the laws as they did in this case.
When a judge stands on the bench and allows a person to lie under oath and know that person if telling a lie and all she does is say that she does not care because she does not like me, that is not justice, and she is not a Judge at that point.
I ask myself how David knew that I had traveled to Cuba, and it hit me, how once more Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan told a lie from the bench. On November 30th, 2018 in room 1806 she said that she did not have a clue as to what I had file or why I was before her.
Now, she also said that she spoke with someone from CVLS that let her know that they were not going to be able to be in court on that day. If the judge did not know what I was there for; how is it that someone from CVLS talks to her and she wants to say that she still did not know why I was there?
Now David Gotzh is saying that he is the GAL still on the case after he was dismissed from the case back on October 10th, 2018. For him to still be the GAL, the court would have to reappoint him as such.
Now, the fact if he is still the GAL why did the Judge set the next court date at the end of January of 2019 since CVLS office is closed in December? There will be no probate cased called in December with GAL on them?
No that was once more a lie. This Judge has lied over and over, and she has broken the law and she does this because she hides behind the shield that as a Judge what every she does from the bench she is cover from.
David Gotzh can lie in court as he is a lawyer and in the state of Illinois Lawyer can tell lies in court. I bet many of you did not know that they can also condone perjury and nothing can happen to them as they also have a shield.
David is the GAL for Zion, he is also the lawyer for Joyce, which should be a conflict of interest. However, once more he can do this as the Judge can allow him to do such. I have found out about all the loopholes in the so-called justice system.
So when someone wants to talk to me about why we should have the death plentily, and I talk about why I do not think so, this case shows why not.
We will send a person to die when that person could be convicted on lies, and we want to say that justice has been served. It is not and has not been about justice in court, it has and always been a joke.
We send a group to jail that makes up about 5% of total US population; however, they make up 90% of those lockups, wherein the fairness in that? That is why there is a breakdown in the black family. We lock up a black man in mass numbers, and we ask the question where all the fathers are at.
Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan sent me to jail from doing nothing. I investigate the law that David Gotzh the GAL for CVLS used to have my lockup on May 30th, 2018 (I am going after CVLS and him for this in Federal court, Yes David this is that gift you asks me about getting you), and at that time I had not broken any laws.
Once more there are so many of you that are going to say not of this can be true and what I talk about must be a lie; you are a FOOL. You walk around with your head in the sand, as the police can shoot a Black man in the back and is on video and walk away because we do not have a justice’s system.
The police can lie under oath and nothing is done, the lawyer can lie in court and nothing is done, the judge can be biased, and nothing is done is that Justice?
Now some are going to say that we have a system of checks and balance, well let me break this down to you. To overturn something that a judge has done in the court you have to show that the judge or what was done was something that is against the state laws.
This is hard to do as you have to show next that it was done in a way that affected the decision and since judges are giving wide latitude; they can send a person to jail on hearsay or lies. Sorry, this is done each day in Cook County, and for that case, I am sure in many courtrooms thought-out America.
Some will say that A person was convicted by a Jury. Well, if a person gets up on the stand and lies and everyone but the Jury knows this person telling a lie than where is the justice in that?
Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan does not want a court reported in her courtroom as she does not want any record of what was done. And when you have a record that does not make a difference to her; as I produce one from someone else courtroom to show that Joyce was telling a lie, Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan told me that she did not CARE.
On Thanksgiving, the police shot and killed a Black man in the mall down south and on CNN and all the news outlet they said the police shot and killed a person that had shot and killed two people in the mall, and they saved lives as he could have been a mass shooter.
Did we find out days later that in fact, that man that was killed did not shot anyone, where was the mass news about this? There are some that say to this day he might have still been a shooter. Or he was black he did something as the police do not just shot people for no reason. Well, these are the same folks that say to me, Zion is better off today than he was last year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Why Toss Rocks when you Live in a Glass House

HA HA. David Gotzh the GAL for Zion just file a motion that the judge dismiss my motion to vacate the OP and he asked for sanction. Base on the fact that I get Fee Waiver. I joke not; he put this in his motion.
LOL, he said that I take a vacation and I took a trip to Cuba, and he outlines my car accident cases, Menards case, and the Walmart’s case. I did not know what he was talking about until I look the case up.
SO, it nice to see that he is a fan and he (Joyce) know what I am doing in my life as I guess as a black man, I should be sitting on the street with my azz out selling Drugs. So, You know I had to go there with him. I am asking that a special prosecutor investigates this case, as to say that his actions were not personal base is a lie. He did not care about Zion it was about me, how dare I be a black man and do not bow my head to him.
I am sitting up here just laughing at him; as this is funny; WOW is all I can say.
He cannot pay his taxes, and he is worried about what I am doing. Wait this is the same man that talk about how I was a put out of my house; Now this would be a joke if this was not about the life of a little black boy. But like racist he does not care about that. He wants to buck this Negro; he is the son of a BABY KILLER.
(SEPTEMBER 23, 2009
Yakima girl critically injured in pedestrian accident when driver runs red light
by The Farber Law Group
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A 10-year-old Yakima girl was critically injured in a pedestrian accident as she walked to school on Monday morning in Yakima reports the Yakima The girl was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment and she remains in critical condition.
According to the report, the girl was crossing the street at an intersection with her sisters when she was hit by a pickup truck driven by a retired Washington State Patrol sergeant, David Gotazh. Apparently, Gotzh did not see the red light because of the glare of the sun.
People who are in pedestrian accidents often sustain serious injuries including head, pelvis and leg injuries. Last year there were 4,378 people killed in pedestrian accidents in the United States.
This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in pedestrian accidents and the family of those killed.
Contact The Farber Law Group at 1-800-244-9087 or to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation. We have offices in Seattle and Bellevue to assist you.
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I told him, he took Zion from us and it was on, I am coming for him he should not be a lawyer in this state. FACT! I am a Man and I do not use children and women to fight my battles... Question, what more can he do to me? NOTHING! So, I am not that Negro that fears anyone walking on this earth. I was stop coming back into the USA (last name Muhammad) and question and I was blunt and to the point with my answers. I made it clear, I need the money so LOCK ME UP! They could not do anything but laugh at it. I am sorry, I was born into a world that does not judge me as a man, David does not look at me a man, he thinks that we are in the 1930 and I am in one of his family camps waiting to be taken to the oven.
Sorry, David, I am not going out without a fight, I am not that Negro that is going to let you lynch me and I just hang from a tree.
He thinks this is a joke; it is not. He put the life of this 12-year-old black boy on the line; he did it because how dare does, I look him into his eyes and not bow my head. When he talks about where he was from, I wanted to let him know that he is from the mountains walking on all fours chasing fire. I am from Kings and Queens that built the greatest wonder of the earth. My grandparents are not those of Nazi, we did not kill Jews, so before you toss rock, you better know where your house stands.
I beg this racist to get off this case; I told him from the start that I am not going to let him hurt Zion, and I trust in a justice system, I put trust into CVLS and that was on me. You better know that will never happen. This racist stood in court and asked that Judge to Lock me up, he told Dumb Dumb to call the police on me for nothing, he had her go and lie to get that OP, he knew for a fact that her witness was telling lies and he is the lawyer? He is the reason that there are lawyer jokes, he is the fact behind all those young men that go out and killed. DAVID ZION AND I ARE ONE OF THOSE NIGGAS YOU TALK ABOUT COMING OUT TO YOUR MALL AND MAKING IT TOO BLACK!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Not One Second of One Hour

It is not one second of one hour that I do not think about Zion, and the simple fact is that I am never going to stop thinking about our little man. I cannot wait for him to get to that age where he can understand what was done to him as a young man. He will know that Joyce turned his world upside down, not out of love but pure hate that she had for the fact that he lived a life that she will never. You can take a person from the hood; however, the simple fact is that you are never going to take the hood out of them.
You know what is funny is the fact that David Gotzh said to me once that the only way Joyce would Get Zion back is if she won the lottery.  I wanted to respond to him; money is not what she needs or desire; it is simple as pie; there are folks that win million and years later are broke as hell. I have someone that I know that came into millions, and you could not tell them anything. Just like a fool and his money, they found that money is not like a tree, it does not grow on its own. I did all that I could to talk to him, to give him the advice that he needed. He said to me one day; I do not understand what it is like to have millions.
Well, now he does not also as he did not understand the simple key to life. You make your money work for you, and you enjoy life, but do not enjoy it like you are new money. You do not go out and buy a house with a 20k a year tax bill as it is no way that is the house you will spend all your years in. I do not care if you if you pay that house off, those tax bills are going to come year after year. So, for Zion he was never a hood child, he did not grow up with the mindset to go without. He did not live in a prison that was called home; he did not have to go to bed not knowing where his next would come.
I hate what was done to him, and I know whatever Joyce thinks she might be getting from it, the link, housing or what everyone does not last for a lifetime. Do the math simple minded person, that young man will be in high school in less than two years and out in 6. What will her life be when she can’t use Zion to live off? I look at my children, and I think about what their life will be as they go out into the world and make it on their own. I do not look at them and say how can I live or make it without them.
I have walked a lot while here in Cuba, (yes, I escaped Cuba as I just had to get out of Ilion’s, I hate that places and the racist games that go on) and I watch the young children happy. As they do not know anything but this, they did not grow up with any more, so for them what they have is good for them. To take a child that grew up in a life of love and placed him into a hell hole is a crime and I want to make sure that I spend my life making sure that David Gotzh and Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan never forget what they did.
I want to reach out to my family in German so that they can spread the word about the Gotzh and how the racism in that family runs deep. I want to make sure that people in New York know about what is going on here in. I want to make sure that it is not one state or town that I passed that I do not let it be known what was done in Cook County, we do not get the name crook for anything. I want to but time on a billboard with my blog on it. I just need it to reach that one person that makes it go viral.
I made a promise to that person that lied for Joyce in court, that little cousin of mines, I am going to get her back in court one way or another and I want to see her lie under oath as I will get her husband up in there to tell what he knows and they both are going to have to expand why they spoke about her coming to court and not telling the truth but having to lie. I do not care what or who had to pay the piper, as they hurt my son and I am never going to forget that.
Joyce knows nothing about love as most women and men that sell sex for money. They think that it is love what they are getting when that is not loving, that is just payment. My soul hurt to think about the life that my little man is living, and as I told someone, they can never understand the pain that we live, as it is one thing to have a child taking from you due to death, but to have one taking from you out of hate, is what it was like coming up in the 1700s and 1800s. It should not be what it is like in 2018; however, it is.
I was watching the news, and it was talking about Americans and how we are, and what was said is so true, no one cares about Zion, as he is not their child and to love him is to know him, and it is just  a fact that many of you do not know him and that love for self and others that you talk about, stop when it comes to doing so work to back it up. I know firsthand, no to many of you are going to cross the street for someone that is not your own.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


I do not understand what is going on in Courtroom 1806, however, what I do know is that the Judge sitting there might be having some issues that need to be addressed. She thinks that I just walk off the boat or her long-term might be lost.
Case in point, Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan and GAL David (Racist) Gotzh had Joyce go out and get an OP on me. Now, her case for getting one was due to the fact that I sent her a message saying that if she keeps doing this to Zion, he will hate her for life. Now, she also said that in on day I destroyed 5 of her tires and she had to get them fix.
Now, we had a trial over this and no police report, no bills for getting tire fix, no pictures. NOTHING, but a Racist ass GAL and Judge. They gave me a six months OP and said that I could not talk to Zion. Now, Joyce did not even have Zion at that point she did this BS. Now, this was to show me that I am there Negro. Now Joyce sold Sex, sorry this is 100% fact, so for her to do what any tells her is nothing new.
So they took my little man and to top it off the Judge said to them she did not want that boy to see me or talk to me. After all, why do little black boys need a father; oh that right I am not his father, I am just a man that he calls father and took care of him for 12 years. But as Joyce thinks we were her Free babysitter for 12 years. Talking about Free this Crazy (just like her mom) said we owe her $300. I know she must have been smoking some weed that day she came up with that.
So. I have this OP on me, and I am not to do something that I do not have a clue, as the Judge and the GAL both do not have a clue about Op cases and I guess that is why they did what they did. So Joyce has done things that she violated the Op, and I was told to make a police report about it. Now, anyone that knows me, also knows that I do not call or play those game with Police. There is too much going on for me to make a report about this.
So I go back to court to get the OP drop, and that was on Friday, 11/30/18. Now, I had one of Zion baseball button on me and the Judge ask me is that Zion, yes, he plays baseball? He played baseball is what I said, what I wanted to say, are you crazy he was playing baseball when you told that dip sick not to let play or take him to the games. This young man dream sport is baseball. I was sitting in Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan courtroom for 2 hours, and I can tell you all I have 0 respect for her as what she did to Zion was 100% personal.
Now, back to court. The Judge tells me that CVLS was not able to be at court and they are closed in Dec, so she set me to come back on 1/26/19. I shit you all not, the OP ends on 2/6/19, and she wants me to come to get something that ends in 10 days; and to top that off I have to submit my Appleatat Brief on 12/15/18. So, as I said that Judge was trying to play games with me or she thinks that I am Joyce. I hate that fact that as a black man I do it the right way now, I do as I should, and I still see that Justice is not for us (black men).
I can do so many things, and I do not, I cry to myself because the old Riv would have lost it by now as all I do is think about my little man. I think about how my cousin daughter helps Joyce for some dam Link; she fuck up this little boy life so that she could get some like and going to say to me “she feels like Zion Mom.” ZION only has ONE MOM, and that is Danielle. Now, Joyce, I know you read my stuff, and you mark this down, I have kept a record of each and all that you have done, and I am going to sit down with Zion and let him know.
This is going to be one for the books as I keep telling you all that I am not going anywhere, and I am not. I am about to take this issue to the next level. Chief Judge Evans needs to retire; he does not care about Black people. The fact his daughter runs the Probate Court for minors; he started it to give his child a job. Now, I am not mad at that fact; I am mad at the fact that it does not help black and brown children, it is no better than DCFS. We did not let Zion go into DCFS as we did not want that on him, and to have this happen 12 years later; WOW.
As a man, I give you my word that until my last days on this earth I am going to talk about this and you better know that I have a daughter that will take up the fight after I am gone. I do not care what anyone does in their life; but when you hurt one of mines, I am coming for you. We ask the Nut case (Just like her crazy mom, grandma, grandfather and the other dam Aunt she has that no one wants to talk about); to ask Zion what he wanted, and she is dam jealous of that little boy.
It is too bad that the only love Joyce got was from some guy leaving her a tip on the bed. But we told her 12 years ago, we would take care of Zion, but we were not going to be the mom and dad that she wanted. Joyce goes from men to men talking about how she is a J. Witness; I did not know that selling sex was something they did. You say what you want about me, but you better know one thing, I have not posted anything that is not 100% true. I talk about them all, and I speak facts that I am going to back up in court.
Side note CVLS has all these lawyers, and they could not get one to come to court on Friday? I am not a dam FOOL!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

10-20 Years

When I look at life, I look ten years or more down the line, when I was a joke and clowned about why I would wait until now to go back to school; well, I did not wait I knew that at this stage of my life I would have the time to do it. When Daniel was born in 1999, I knew that when he was ready to go to JSU, I would at that point go back to school as I had to look down the line 20 years. Now, I did not see Zion as he never came into the picture until 2007 and was not sold in there until 2008.
So, when I told Joyce that Zion would hate her for the rest of her life and David and Judge Kennedy-Sullivan told her to go and get an order of protection on me for telling her that. 100% FACT, Joyce got an OP due to me sending her email on talking parent, that she said it made her fear for her life; and so when you question my feelings when it comes to the court or domestic violence, you understand where I come from. A Black man is never treated fair in the Clear man court and never will.
Joyce took a young man who was so happy, and it was nothing in this world that he wanted for. She took him from a life of being safe to put him into one where he must fight to live. I can bet you that when Zion gets to the age where he will speak up, I am going to let him read everything, I am going to let him know the truth.
Joyce is over there playing those mind games with him, and they might work now as he is still a child; he does not know the legal point about what happened, and we have never talked to him about the court stuff. I knew he was too young, and I did not want him to know until he was ready. That case is over, and it is on to the next chapter, I am going to take what they Judge did all the way up to the highest court and when help it would be a slam dunk. However, as the picture talks about the Klan takes off the hood, and they go back to being David Gotzh and Judge Kennedy-Sullivan.
I talk about the fact that I want to make sure this Judge is removed from the bench as she does not know what she is doing. I also said that I need the help from those that do not look like me, as those that do; just do not care about young black boys. But those that do not are sick of these young men coming into their city and blocks with their crime. They price us out and move out when we come; as they look at the news and they only see one picture of us.
Last week the news made you all think that some black man shot up a mall and killed two, now we find out that was not the case. But do you see it on the news, do you see it being told like it was when they put that man out there a mall shooter? Hell, no you do not as they put that story out there as it fits the one, they want to tell. When A white man kills, right away they put him out as a family man or someone that has a mental issue as that desensitize what he did. Now, we feel sorry for him; we talk about how more needs to be done to help with a mental issue.
I read almost everything that comes over my page, and I have said this many time before I know what is going on or what is being said and we are not looking or thinking 20 years down the line. No joke, before I had children, I knew they would go to MUI; I knew they would go to JSU, I had mapped my life and theirs before they came into the world. This is what the clear man does, and that is why he has mastered the earth. He has you all spending your Sundays prying to the sky, while he is spending his in your pocket and mind.
I joke with someone as I ask them who wrote the bible and they told me God did, so I ask them how come his name is not in there as the author. Now, as black folks need someone or something to believed in as that gives them a reason for what, why and how. Where the clear man knows and understands the what, why and how and he is taking what he knows and making a blueprint out of it. I have been taught how to make a blueprint out of your life, and I was teaching this to Zion.
Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan spoke with Zion before she took him from us and she spoke about what a great young man he was. She spoke about how and what he was, and she spoke about how Joyce had nothing to do with this, as whom Zion was at that point was 100% due to us. Now, after that date, Joyce has refused to get him any help. She has refused to let him talk with us; she has a different man (John) in and out of his life. She is making him eat pork, she is a very sick person, and she is doing all that she can to destroy Zion.
You want to ask me why? Joyce is the same person that stood in court and told the court that she did not want Zion to get a passport or take trips because she did not have one and she could not go. That is a sick person, as she hated the child that she loved because he was living a life that she will never live. I can see ten years down the line as Zion will be 22, I can see less than that two years he will be 14. I can see that it is going to come a day that he is going to know what was did to him and he is going to hate someone for this.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Hell Freezes Over

As African American's look at the fact that we have been in this land for 300 years come 2019, I have to ask myself, where are we? What Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan and David Gotzh did to Zion and my family was and is solo based on Race. Many do not like that I bring this issue up, as they feel that I should be or should have never picked a fight with the Judge. Just think about that, she is the Judge and a God; it was and is her job to look at the facts and rule only on the truth, not her personal feeling about me.
The first week after seeing just who David Gotzh was, A Racist; I asked the Judge to remove him as Zion GAL, and it was too late. He spoke with her before the court date and used his White privilege. Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan might be a great nurse, she might be a lot of things, one thing that she is not is a good Judge. She does not understand that when she puts on that robe, it gives her the power to make a life and death decision and from what I have been told she choose death.
Now, does this have to do with the fact that she does not and never will have children? Or does it have to do with the fact that she does not know what she is doing? Now, the safety check should have been the GAL in this case. He should and could have told the Judge that Joyce did not file the correct paperwork, and he did not do this. He was so pissed about the fact that we were going to adopt Zion and I am suing this Judge and CVLS for two reasons.
One is that I want all the money and time back that they cost us, and 2nd I want the TRUTH! I want to know what, why and how this was done and how many times in the past has this been done. I am a man that was born as a Black man, and when I leave this world, it will be as such. So, for me, I love whom and what I am, and I want to help other young men of color so that they never have or give the power of their life to Judges like this one or lawyers like the one in this case.
I do not understand why there were so many in this case that knows what was going on but did not have what it takes to speak up. The Chief Judge; down to the court personally all knew what Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan was doing was wrong, someone said to me after court, that they did not know that David Gotzh was the GAL, he seems like he was the lawyer for Joyce. And this is and was a fact. This gave Joyce legal advice time after time, he reaches out to the people in the Adoption case and lied to them; and once more White Privilege.
I want to make this clear as we look on the 300 years; I am an ALPHA MAN! As such I am going to fight until Hell Freezes over and after I will Fight on the ICE!